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Dreams of Fayths

- going on more than apathy -

Tidus Zanarkand
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Name: Tidus Zanarkand
Age: 17
Grade/Occupation: Junior/Host at the local host club called "Club Revolution"

Clubs/Extra curricular activities: Soccer, Swimming

Short bio:
Tidus is a crowd pleaser. He likes to be the center of attention, and make people laugh. Everyone always sees him with a smile on his face, and his cheery personality lights up people's moods.

From his elementary days, he was always a goofy kid to everyone - it was hard to believe he had any problems at home, though they did exist. To put it simply he had a father with a drinking problem, and his mother wasted away until she eventually died. He never felt any love towards his father, and the only thing he felt when he disappeared from his life when Tidus was only 8 was regret and anger. He was put into a foster home then and although it was difficult for him to cope with being left alone, he finally settled to leave the past in the past and moved on.

Third Person Sample in the High School Setting:
Tidus was surrounded by his friends and admirers, laughing at a joke he just made about Shania and a bowl of salad. His beaming grin could be seen from far away, if anyone looked in his direction - and it was hard not to with such a loud crowd.

After the collective laughter died out, he waited until he got their attention again. "Look." He had their gaze follow his left hand move across them before his right hand came into view, and with the tips of his fingers an inch away, splayed flat to the audience, he moved his left hand back the other way and his right hand followed accordingly. Slowly, he swirled a pattern, the right still following the left, and slowly he increased in speed, his hands looping through and around his body.

When the sound of trance music came on, his hands and body moved to the beat rhytmically, and the same way it began, the music slowed to an eventual stop. Tidus opened his eyes, midway between his little show he had closed them, and was welcomed with an uproarous applause, and shoulder clasps from around. He grinned at them and thought, this can't get any better.

This is an RP journal operated by matutinalraine for the community lifestream_hs.