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sad // worried

Got lost...I think..

Posted on 2006.09.20 at 11:44
Seriously! I didn't know this town was so big! I went to visit my grandpa's grave and they live sooo far away, it was insanely far! o___O Well anyways when I was checking out the place, I got distracted by flashy arcade lights and when it got dark, NO ONE was around on the streets--it was like a ghost town! SCARRY! So I tried to look for a way back to my grandma's house and I got even more lost...what the heck is up with that?

But anyways, a bunch of pretty girls invited me over to a house party so I agreed on the condition they would help me find my way back later! So I was partying up Tidus style and ended up sleeping there, only to get kicked out by her parents, and on the one day I decided to not drink.. Shiiiiiet!

Anyways. I'm back from the trip now, and I guess I just want to say...don't kill me?

( Ooc: *grovels and snivels* --> http://matutinalraine.livejournal.com <-- If you want to know what's been happening to me..xD )

:o // surprised

Okay...looking at my transcript...thinger.

Posted on 2006.08.22 at 06:46
Anyway, my parents are letting me choose my courses this year...woo!!

What I had to take the past years was....:

Freshman Year
English I
Algebra I
Western Civilization I
Earth Science
World Cuisine I
Latin I

Sophomore Year
English II
Algebra II
Civics/Contemporary Issues
World Cuisine II
Latin II

So THIS YEAR, I'm taking...:

- English III
- Pre-Calculus
- US History
- Chemistry
- Architechtural Design I
- Photography I
- Gym

Eheh...>.> Now I just need to remember when I get my classes. XO

sleep // tired


Posted on 2006.08.15 at 02:29
Just got back from work, and I still haven't gotten around to getting my classes yet! x_x Maybe if I just lie down for a bit...just a bit...and wake up later to do it, it wouldn't be so bad.